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Monterey Bay Whale Watch
Map of Marine Mammal Sightings in the Monterey Bay Region

January 26 - February 25, 1998
compiled by Richard Ternullo


Marine Mammal Sightings Map (17K)

Note: Gray Whales were present in large numbers throughout the area during this reporting period, and are not plotted on the chart. Numerous California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and Southern Sea Otters are seen on all trips, and also are not plotted.

Severe winter storms have limited observations of marine mammals in Monterey Bay. There was a decrease in sightings of Long and Short Beaked Common Dolphin, but there were several sightings of Risso's Dolphin. For the second consecutive month there were no sightings of Dall's Porpoise or Pacific White-sided Dolphin.

Gray Whales were the only large baleen whale recorded during this period. The first northbound Gray Whale was sighted on 2/11. An entangled Gray Whale was sighted near Otter Point in mid-February. The whale appeared to have crab-pot gear wrapped around the tailstock. A whale that was also entangled in similar gear stranded a few days later near Santa Cruz. It is not possible to say if it is the same whale. Readings from The World Marine Mammal Science Conference held in Monaco on Jan 20-24 indicated that the Gray Whale population trajectory may reach 35,000. The occurrence of entanglement problems may become more frequent.

Click for daily sightings list 1/26 - 2/25/98 (corresponding to map above).

The sightings plotted above were compiled by Richard Ternullo for the period 1/26/98 to 2/25/98. Sightings reported by J. Aliotti, N. Black, D. Davi, Elderhostel, N. Lemon, Monterey Bay Whale Watch, L. Oliver, R. Ternullo, J. Williamson.

Copyright © 1998 R. Ternullo. No reproduction of the map or use of the sightings information is permitted without prior approval.


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U R Here Sightings Map 1/26-2/25/98

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