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Monterey Bay Whale Watch - Private Charters


Join us for a private tour

Monterey Bay Whale Watch is offering special Private Charters for those of you who would like to come as an individual, a couple, a family, or a group of friends. Charter the boat just for yourselves! This is a private custom trip tailored to your own interests with your own Marine Biologist as a guide. This is a great opportunity for you to spend more time on your wildlife photography, take a trip along the beautiful California coastline, and/or go whale watching. Whatever you desire, we will accommodate it! To arrange for a private charter or to get more information, call us at 831-375-4658.


  • Pt. Sur Clipper, $500 per hour, up to 40 passengers.

  • Sea Wolf II, $750 per hour, up to 60 passengers.

  • Blackfin, $1500 per hour, up to 100 passengers.

Note that a 6% Booking Processing fee is added to all purchases.

Book online now!


Lunge-feeding humpback whales by Pt. Sur Clipper
Pt. Sur Clipper near Humpback Whale

Sea Wolf II near Killer Whales
Sea Wolf II near Killer Whales

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