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Marine Mammal Guide
Marine Mammals of the Eastern North Pacific

Marine Mammals of the Eastern North Pacific is a comprehensive four-fold guide printed on waterproof paper. It is 5 1/2" by 9" when folded, and opens to 22" by 9". This Guide contains colored illustrations of all fifty species of living marine mammals of the Eastern North Pacific, along with information including sizes and habitat. Common visible behaviors and terms are illustrated and explained, along with identification tips.

Co-sponsored by the Alaska Whale Foundation and Monterey Bay Whale Watch, this guide was designed by Pieter Folkens (copyright © 2000 A Higher Porpoise Design Group).

The price of this guide is $12. It can be purchased in our gift shop before boarding the boat. This remarkable guide would be a wonderful gift for anyone interested in marine mammals. The waterproof paper and convenient size make it ideal to take on a whale-watching trip.

Outside of the guide when opened:
Outside view of Marine Mammal Guide

Inside of the guide when opened:
Inside view of Marine Mammal Guide

Selected details from the Guide:
Spy Hop and Headout - details from Marine Mammal Guide  
Pacific White-sided Dolphin - detail from Marine Mammal Guide

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